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Crane Service in St. Joseph, Mo

KC Crane is CEI Electrical & Mechanical’s crane rental division has a special advantage when we provide manned crane rentals for the entire Kansas City metro area including for crane service in St. Joseph. We have a vast fleet of cranes and our trained operators.  Because of our reputation and the quality of our machines, we’ve been able to gather a group of professional and CCO qualified operators. Our fleet includes sign cranes, up to 50 ton cranes. In accordance with our adherence to quality work, our team of qualified operators are able to lift your rooftops, chillers, boilers, or any item that needs to be raised into a specific position.

We have baskets available to lift personal 210 ft. and the necessary straps, spreader bars, chairs, hooks and personal carriers for reaching difficult areas. With this capacity, we save you money so several contractors don’t have to be present for one job. Trust in CEI Electrical & Mechanical to get the job done right and thoroughly. Call today for our crane services at 816.221.0006.

  • HVAC Lighting
  • Ventilator Hoisting
  • Over 200ft lighting
  • Qualified crane service
  • Certified rigger
  • Package unit lifting
  • Railroad lifts
  • Airplane lifting
  • Personal lifting
  • Aviation lifting
  • Tilt up concrete lifting
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